Grammy Award-Winning Tejano Maestro

Dive into the vibrant world of Tejano music with the versatile and accomplished Vicente “Chente” Barrera. Hailing from a musical lineage, Chente's father, the late Roberto “Pato” Barrera, paved the way for his son's journey into the heart of Tejano rhythms. Exposed to the enchanting sounds of Conjunto Bernal, Little Joe y La Familia, Steve Jordan, and Roberto Pulido during his formative years, Chente Barrera emerged as a powerhouse in the Tejano music scene.

Chente's musical odyssey began behind the drum kit, contributing his rhythmic talents to over 450 projects alongside icons such as Jay Perez, La Tropa F, Ram Herrera, and Jennifer Peña. His journey then led him to the studio, where he lent his vocal prowess to groups like Intocable, Gary Hobbs, Bobby Pulido, and David Lee Garza y Los Musicales, showcasing his diverse skills as a drummer, singer, and songwriter.

In 1998, Chente embarked on a solo career as a lead vocalist, fronting his own band, Taconazo. Blending progressive Tejano with the authentic spirit of Down Home Conjunto, Chente quickly garnered recognition, earning accolades such as Best Drummer, Rising Star, and Song of the Year (Paloma Piquito De Oro) at the Tejano Music Awards. The Tejano Roots Hall of Fame welcomed Chente in 2005, acknowledging his significant contributions to the genre.

The pinnacle of Chente's career came in 2007 when he clinched the prestigious American GRAMMY for Best Tejano Performance, a testament to his exceptional artistry showcased in the CD "Sigue El Taconazo." With a discography boasting 11 solo projects, including his latest hit record “Para El Primo: A Tribute to Roberto Pulido y Los Clasicos”, Chente Barrera remains at the forefront of Tejano music.

Beyond the stage, Chente continues to make waves as a session player and producer, further solidifying his impact on the Tejano music landscape. His journey stands as living proof that Tejano music not only endures but thrives under the skillful hands and soulful voice of Vicente “Chente” Barrera.